Economic Vitality for the County


As a Tillamook native, Adam understands the value of our traditional industries - namely dairy farming, fishing, forest management, etc. The introduction of tourism to our County should complement - not replace - these staple industries. Tourism, namely agri-tourism, should support these industries and add a new dimension that increases their value and economic development of the County. 

Finding Collaborative Solutions

Government should not be operating in a vacuum, yet too often that's what we see happening. Adam is committed to bringing back collaboration with the private sectors and industry professionals to advise and inform decision making. Without consulting with those people and business owners directly tied to an issue, we cannot find sustainable solutions to our county's problems. 

A Housing Solution for Everyone 


After years of working in Real Estate, Adam has seen how the lack of housing on all levels has had a negative effect on the County. Government needs to evaluate policies and make adjustments to encourage growth, not restrict it. 

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